Lena Cohen-Hawkins is an international speaker, powerhouse business consultant, two-time author, and corporate trainer. Her passion and expertise is emotional intelligence, especially as it relates to diversity and inclusion, and corporate culture. Lena counsels people on how to access, understand, and regulate their emotions; in order to excel in the real world.  Lena speaks to us about her experiences and her new Amazon Bestselling title, Brilliant Resilience.

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In this episode you will hear from Tashawn Blackshear who is a successful Paparazzi Jewelry Representative.  Discover how she is working her home based business and the strategies that she's using to build her business online. 

This interview was recorded pre-COVID-19, so we decided to catch up with her only to find out that she's thriving during this pandemic.  Learn more about how she's doing it by listening to this episode.

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And also find her online at www.TashasTreasures.com

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Welcome back to a New Season of the Network for Women in Business Podcast. We are back to bringing you great episodes.  Some have been updated to add what's been happening with our entrepreneurs in this new COVID-19 environment.  But this gives you a preview of what's been happening with us and what's to come. 

The Network for Women in Business was created to train, connect and advance female entrepreneurs.  They continue to do this even in challenging times. On Monday, June 1, 2020, they will launch the Entrepreneur Success University.  It will contain resources, many of which are "free" to help entrepreneurs to grow their business.

Also, continuing in the tradition of connecting they will also begin to host more online "lives" showcasing ways to connect with others. Women in business now more than ever need a place to connect and feel as if they're a part of something and they can do that with the Network for Women in Business.

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In this episode Veronica speaks very candidly about scaling her business to $500,000 per year in sales. We discuss some very important topics such as hiring your first employees, pricing your business the right way, internal struggles with worthiness. We discuss this and so much more! It’s such a great conversation.

Veronica Moya is a businesswoman, originally from Argentina. She is the founder of Wedding Packages NYC, an all-inclusive and exclusive elopement company and Trust Your Heart, Inc., a spiritual development program for children & adults.

Veronica first started her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 16 when she founded a kids entertainment company in Buenos Aires. Since that first business venture, her work has expanded in several directions.
She moved to NYC in 2001. Before she became an entrepreneur, she spent many years working for other people. She worked for big companies, small businesses, and even families. This allowed her to gain a wealth of knowledge in different areas, and experienced what it was like to be the little guy, the middle guy, and also the boss. Her company now employs 20 people and earns half a million ($500,000) in sales each year.

Veronica was a weekly columnist for Telemundo, “Buenos Dias Nueva York”. She has written articles for Holistic Publications, such as Natural Awakenings, New Life and Wisdom magazine. And was featured in the New York Times, E entertainment, NBC, and Columbia University.




Mai-kee has to be one of the most authentic entrepreneurs that I have met in a long time.  She is a launch strategist and podcaster who helps business owners get on podcasts. She gave herself a lofty challenge over a year ago and that was to pitch to over 100 podcasts in 30 days. Her podcast is called, The Quiet Rebels podcast is quickly becoming one of the top podcasts on iTunes.

When it comes down to pitching yourself on podcasts, Mai-kee is the one to go to. You will definitely want to take her new masterclass called Podcast Pitching.  Click here to register: https://masterclass.maikeetsang.com/

Her website is https://maikeetsang.com/

The podcast episode that we discuss (her interview with Ry Schwartz) on my Podcast: https://maikeetsang.com/podcast/009/

Meet Lisa Santiago McNeill.  Lisa was born in NYC, raised in the Bronx, Lisa lives in Charlotte, NC with her amazing purpose partner and husband, Brian K. McNeill.  From beginning to end her story is about PURPOSE.  Yours, hers and ours.  There is a time and a purpose and a season for everything under the sun.  She as experienced life from so many different vantage points and in each age and stage of her life she has decided to move forward and make the BEST out of every situation.

Lisa is a mother, a friend, a sister, an actor, an author, a radio personality, a public speaker, a preacher, a mentor, a businesswoman and a certified master trainer.  Her life's experiences have taught her that everything...EVERYTHING is possible.

In this episode you will learn all about the C.A.S.H. System and you definitely will want to hear it.  Listen in now!

As business owners we should have a solid understanding of where our next sale will come from.  However, many do not know the answer to the question, Where will Your Next Sale Come From?  Therefore in this podcast episode we break that down.  Listen and learn.

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September 7, 2019

Pinterest Marketing Secrets

Adeola is a digital marketing expert and she teaches individuals how to increase profits and online through marketing on platforms like Pinterest.  Her online journey started back in 2009 when she started blogging about her travel experiences. Then started a successful natural hair blog, which now boasts over 40,000 monthly page views and 2 million monthly Pinterest page views. In this episode she shares all of her Pinterest secrets, so make sure to have a pen and pad ready to take copious notes. You can find out more about Adeola and the services she offers at www.socialmediabella.com.

Being mindful in business means being successful in business.  Georgia Rose teaches us some simple concepts to help us conduct business with grace, ease and gratitude by being mindful.  This podcast is filled with strategies to assist you in running your business in a stress-free and purposeful manner.  Every business owner deserves to hear what Georgia has to say.  She is the founder of www.Zencuda.com and runs a very successful business in Long Island. Listen and learn.

Listen in as we talk to Deana Karim who is the founder of Good Dee's Mixes.  At www.gooddees.com  Enter Code: TONISAVES15 to save on your next purchase. 

Deana says, "I love to cook and I love to be in the kitchen-except now gone are those sugar filled, high carb treats. I started taking my cookies to brunches and dinners and the response was overwhelming. I attended a fashion pop up shop and gave out samples-just to make sure it wasn't in my head that they were delicious. Again, the response was so uplifting that I decided at that moment, I would sell the cookies. The cookies then transformed into the cookie mix and here we are today. I've spent a lot of time to make this cookie just right and extremely simple for you to make at home. You add 1/4 cup of oil or melted butter and 1 egg. That's it!"

You will learn a lot about business and how starting off with the right community can make the biggest difference in your product launch. 


Toni Coleman Brown www.thenetworkforwomeninbusiness.com


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